Smart Panel

Smart Panel is Dustcontrol’s first step towards industry 4.0 and a connected central extractor. Smart Panel comes in a compact, standardised format and delivers a configurable solution suitable for the majority of Dustcontrol’s installations. A standardised solution provides short lead times and extended functionality.

Smart Panel will always be used in combination with an externally mounted frequency converter for starting and controlling the motor. With Smart Panel, Dustcontrol is taking a step forward and leaving behind the older types of starting devices. A frequency converter offers more possibilities in terms of system control and is a more energy-efficient solution. For the customer, this will place less demand on the fuse and require smaller cable dimensions for installation. This means that cables previously located in the controlbox are now moved outside closer to the system.

Features Smart Panel

  • Standardised and configurable
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Increased functionality
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Cost, time and energy efficient


Measuring tube   


Part no   

SMART PANEL COMPLETE 1    108/76    No    8801
SMART PANEL COMPLETE 2    108/76    Yes    8802
SMART PANEL COMPLETE 3    160/108    No    8803
SMART PANEL COMPLETE 4    160/108    Yes   8804
SMART PANEL COMPLETE 5    76    No    8805
SMART PANEL COMPLETE 6    76    Yes    8806


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