Plastic Bags

Smartopac - the smart plastic sack from Dustcontrolintellibag
At first you might think that a plastic bag is just a – plastic bag. That is actually not at all true – to ensure our mission for a dust free environment we put quite a lot of thinking how we best could achieve that goal. This thinking resulted in the intellibag – a bag for dust free changing. First available for the DC 2900c and DC 5900c.

intellibag has the following advantages:
• Ensure safe disposal of hazardous dust. Minimizes the risk of inhaling hazardous dust, during sack change.
• No tools or stripes are needed for closure.
• Strong sack design, for safe handling (20 lit alt. 60 lit).
• Eco-labeled plastic for recycling and/or incineration. (Dustcontrol is environmentally certified ISO 14001.)
• Easy to use and cost-effective sack change. The sacks are delivered in rolls of 10 pieces.
intellibag gives the dust collector an Low height design, which provides good ergonomic handling.

Dust free sack change step by step