Bart Spices

Bart Spices make a clean start with the DC2800



Prior to purchasing the Dustcontrol units Bart used an alternative from a competitor which was large and bulky. First Bart bought one DC2800c, then soon bought another five dust extractors after they realised how much the operators preferred to use the Dustcontrol machines over any of the others, and that their efficiency was so much better.

Initially Bart Spices Ltd’s requirement of the DC 2800c dust extractors was to use them for cleaning machines, floors and shelves, but in fact they have ended up using them for clean- ing all surfaces throughout the factory.


Bart Spices presently use DC2800c units in their factory and to this day have not expe- rienced any problems.

“We much prefer the Dustcontrol units which are extremely reliable and benefit from excellent filters, the units are light and easy to move around, stable and upright.

The disposable bags are great and very easy to remove and can be thrown away without any mess.

As far as Bart are concerned that if Dustcontrol have not heard from us then “no news is good news!”, Ged Griffiths at Bart Spices says.



  • DC 2800c dust extractor
  • Reverse pulse filter cleaning
  • HEPA H13 filter



Dustcontrol’s DC 2800c dust extractors for cleaning machines, floors and shelves. 

Reference company:
Bart Spices Ltd Bart
Spices contact: 
Ged Griffiths Bart Spices
Dustcontrol UK Ltd: 
James Miller