Orion Pharma

Dustcontrol ensures top cleanliness



Orion’s clientele consists of healthcare service providers and professionals, such as doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics and laboratories. In the pharmaceutical industry there is a high level of cleanliness required on both surfaces and in the air and that was the mission for Dustcontrol to solve. “We need effective suction systems to ensure the quality and capacity in the production as well as the worker’s health” says Ari Urpinen, operation technician at Orion-Pharma.


Dustcontrol installed central vacuum systems to help Orion-Pharma to reach and sustain their high level of cleanliness both on surfaces and in the air.

We use Dustcontrol’s system mainly due to their excellent characteristics. The solutions from Dustcontrol are effective, reliable in service and long-lived, which provides a superior total economic solution. The Customer Service at Dustcontrol is also something we as customers have appreciated” says Ari Urpinen



  • Central Vacuum Systems
  • Piping & Accessories


Extraction system to ensure a high level of cleanliness required on both surfaces and in the air.

Reference company:
Orion-Pharma, Finland

Company contact:
Ari Urpinen, Operation technician

Dustcontrol AB:
Stefan Ohlsson 
Sales engineer