Spiro Tubing Reinforced Spiro

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100 mm 3013
125 mm 3123
160 mm 3042
200 mm 3095
250 mm 3090

An effective tubing system has to meet certain requirements. Constant transport velocity in the tubing at different loads is one require­ment. Correct transport velocity is another. When the velocity is too low, the material will cause a blockage. When the velocity is to high, this will lead to unnecessary wear and loss of energy. Dustcontrol's competent staff can dimension a system to your needs.  

When transporting material in a tubing system turbulent flow will cause noise. Material particles impact the hard tubing walls. Using an elastomer (EPDM- and NBR-rubber) in bends, branch pipes and mounting brackets moderates the sound considerably.  

Bends and branch pipes are designed to withstand high negative pressure. The bends are designed with a radial ridge to spread the impact area of the mateial thereby reducing wear and minimizing the risk of blockage.  

Every elastomer bend and branch pipe are designed with a plugged hole, that can be used for measuring and inspection. The advantages with the elastomer tubing system are:

  • Low noise
  • Blockage risk reduced
  • Reduced wear

The measurements are in millimeter if nothing else is given.


Part No/m d (mm) A (m2) t (mm) L (mm) m (kg/m)
3013 100 0.008 0.6 3 1.8
3123 125 0.012 0.6 3 2.2
3042 160 0.020 0.8 3 3.7
3095 200 0.031 0.8 3 4.7
3090 250 0.049 0.8 3 5.9