DC 1800, DC 2800, DC 2900 eco

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Fine Filter Cellulose Fine Filter Cellulose 42029
Fine Filter Polyester Fine Filter Polyester 42028
HEPA filter Cellulose HEPA filter Cellulose 42027
Combi-filter Cellulose Combi-filter Cellulose 40479
Fine filter Cellulose 48 pcs Fine filter Cellulose 48 pcs 42029ST

Cellulose Fine Filter
Good quality standard filter with high filtration efficiency. Epoxy treated for resistance to humidity and other elements.


Polyester Fine Filter
High quality filter material with exceptional resistance to most elements. Particularly suitable to high humidity applications such as machine and tool shops where cutting and cooling fluids are used. Filter can be washed.


HEPA Filter
The HEPA filter is made of fibreglass material with a support layer of cellulose. Filtration efficiency is 99.995% EN 60335. Note: When changing filters the gasket of the filter holder has to be checked and cleaned. Leakage is not permitted in Asbestos applications.


In applications requiring special filter materials, standard filter configurations can be ordered with alternative materials.


DC 1800, DC 2800c, DC 2800c Rental, DC 2800a
Part No Description Construction Material Area
(ft2 /m2)
Classification Max temp
(°F /°C)
42029 Fine filter Pleated around
support cyl.
epoxy treated
16.2/1.5 IEC EN
Part 1
42029ST Fine filter, 48 pcs   Cellulose 
42028 Fine filter Pleated Polyester 16.2/1.5 IEC EN
Part 1
42027 HEPA filter Pleated Cellulose,
9.2/0.85 HEPA H13 176/80
40479 Combi-filter
(Fine filter +
HEPA filter),
(GS Asbestos)
Pleated Cellulose,
epoxy treated
16.2/1.5 HEPA H13 176/80