S 32000

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S 32000 24 V AC 1136
S 32000 24 V DC 113600

The S 21000 and S 34000 are constructed of modules and is therefore very flexible. The inlet modules can for example be both rotated and reversed. Additional module rings can be installed to give increased storage capacity of collected material. The X model is equipped with larger filter area and an extra module ring.  

S 21000, S 32000, S 34000 and S 34000X are installed on legs. As standard, extracted material is collected in a plastic bag, alternative discharge options can be selected.


4706 Discharge Cone
4714 Collection Sack, 50 pack
42111 Collection Sack, 50 pack Antistatic
Inlet mm optional
Outlet mm Ø 250
Max Q 2000 m3/h*)
Part No. and pcs 4292 x 2
Total Filter Area 16.8 m2
Degree of separation DIN 24184/3 > 99.9 %
Application Class according to Bia C
Max temp filter 130 oC
Filter cleaning with Reverse Pulse  
Compressed air 4 l/s, 4 bar
Connection, hose 6/8 mm
El connection 24V AC alt. DC,12 W