DC 1800 H Asbestos

The DC 1800 H Asbestos is certified at the ”The Institute for Occupational Safety and Health of the German Social Accident Insurance (IFA)”.

Mobile unit

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230V, 50/60 Hz EU 101800-1

DC 1800 H Asbestos is designed to carry out a rigorous and professional job. The machine is the result of many years of field tests and cooperation with the decontamination and abatement industry. It complies with both the needs and requirements of the industry.

DC 1800 H Asbestos is certified to be used to extract/remove dry, non flammable, non conductive, hazardous and carcinogenic particles, including asbestos.

The DC 1800 H Asbestos is delivered with the following:

  • Suction hose (Ø 38), antistatic, 5 m (Part No 2012)
  • Floor nozzle B 370/38 (Part No 7235)
  • Suction pipe Ø 38 (Part No 7257)
  • 5 pcs plastic sacks (Part No 42285)
  • Fine filter polyester (Part No 42028
  • HEPA H13 filter (Part No 42027)
  • Inlet plug (Part No 42250)
H x W x D (cm/inch) 74x38x38/29"x15"x15"
Weight 14 kg/31 lbs
Flow at open inlet 205 m3 /h /126 cfm 
Neg pressure max, 115/230V 21/24kPa /96inwg
Power consumption, 115/230 V 1340/1285 W
Noise level  68 dB(A)

Antistatic hose

Cleaning Accessories Ø 38 mm

Filter DC 1800, 2800, 2900 eco

Plastic Bag DC 2800/3800 H Asbest