DC 3900a/c Turbo

The professional dust extractor for continous operation

The DC 3900a/c * ** Turbo is a medium sized dust extractor that has a tall cyclone and a  three-phase motor. This dust extractor is suitable for longer hoses (up to 65’/20 m), heavy cleaning (1.5”/38 mm accessories) and for source extraction from medium sized power tools such as grinders, jack hammers, and saws. Thanks to the tall cyclone, large filters and powerful motor package, it can handle large amounts of debris. Suitable casings are: sanding, grinding and diamond disc casings up to 9”/225 mm as well as rubber suction bellows for chisel hammers, drills and de-scaling hammer. (Part No 6078 & 6130).


The DC 3900a/c Turbo is delivered as standard with the following:

  • Hose set total 7 m (5 m Ø 50 and 2 m  Ø 38) (Part No 2125)
  • Aluminium floor tool B450, Ø 1.5”/38 mm (Part No 7236)
  • Chrome steel suction pipe Ø1.5”/38 mm (Part No 7257)
  • *Container 40 l (Part No 40070)
  • **5 pcs intellibag (Part No 4314)
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 42025)
  • HEPA filter (Part Nr 42024)

 *a= with container and **c= with intellibag

Weight, lbs/kg 137/62
Max Q, cfm/m3/h 153/260
Max vacuum, inwg/kPa 120/30
Motor Nameplate 4 hp/2.2 kW
Sound level  75 dB(A))

Cleaning Accessories Ø 38 mm

Filter DC 3900

Hose Sets

Plastic Bag 40 liter