DC 3900c Twin Turbo

3-phase dependability in a portable package

Mobile unit

The DC 3900c Twin Turbo is a portable but very powerful dust extractor suitable for large quantities of dust due to its integrated pre-separator. It is particularly suitable for long hoses (up to 65’/20 m) and heavy concrete grinding. Up to 80-90% of the coarse material is separated in the pre-separator and the remaining dust enters the filter cyclone.


The DC 3900c Twin and the DC 3900c Twin Turbo is delivered as standard with the following:

  • Antistatic hose set 23’ /7,5m Ø 2”/50 mm
    (Part No 2013, 2129, 2107)
  • Aluminium floor nozzle B500” Ø 2”/50 mm. (Part No 7238)
  • Chrome steel suction pipe Ø 2”/50 mm (Part No 7265)
  • Plastic sacks (Part No 4314)
  • Fine filter, polyester (Part No 42025)
  • HEPA filter (Part No 42024)


Weight, lbs/kg 179/81
Max Q, cfm/m3/h 153 /260
Max vacuum, inwg/kPa  120/30
Motor Nameplate  4 hp/2.2 kW
Sound level  75 dB(A)

Antistatic hose

Cleaning Accessories Ø 50 mm

Filter DC 3900

Non-Turnable Hose Connectors

Plastic Bag 40 liter

Turnable Hose Connectors