DC 3800 TR S EX


Air driven dust extractor for cleaning and source extraction in Atex Zone 22

Mobile unit

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DC 3800 TR S EX 117100

The compressed air driven dust extractor DC 3800TR S EX for ATEX zone 22 is a machine with large suction capacity and robust construction while still being compact and easy to maneuver. It is ideal for spot extraction on most types of handheld tools and for industrial cleaning (38 mm and 50 mm system).

The extraction system functions with negative pressure (vacuum) that draws the air through suction casings/nozzles, hose system, separator and filter system. Coarse separation of dust occurs in the units cyclone which is a highly efficient separator for larger particulate.

The fine dust is separated and contained by the units filter system. Separated material is collected for disposal in the container at the base of the cyclone.

The vacuum is generated in an ejector which means:

  • maintenance free vacuum producer
  • low weight
  • no electrical connection required in hazardous environments
  • extremely reliable

The filter is cleaned with reverse pulse giving the filter extra long life and retaining maximum capacity.


 Cleaning and source extraction in Atex Zone 22


HxWxL, in/cm 1390x600x920 mm
Weight, lbs/kg 84/38
Max Q, cfm/m3/h 180/300
Max vacuum, inwg/kPa 80/20
Sound level 75 dB(A)